Twitter Traffic Pop

Twitter Traffic Pop Documentation

Created: 12/7/2010
By: Tyler Colwell

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Table of Contents

  1. How To Use This Code In Your Site
  2. Cookie Information

A) How To Use This Code In Your Site - top

Step One - Include The Javascript and CSS in your index.php header or the page you want the pop up on.
Note that the Twitter @anywhere library requires the use of a consumer API key. You can register your app for an API key here and insert the Consumer Key where it says below:
Step Two - On Page Load, Call the Function
Call the function now. In this example a popup will be produced with the given texts, a 15 second countdown timer, no close button, and the zero wait value means the popup will happen every page load until the user tweets. The wait can be set to the number of minuets spent on the site you would like to wait before showing the pop up again, and change the false value to true if you want an optional close button to appear not trapping your users.
All Together: