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I (under ColwellMedia) created all of the branding, website, and marketing for RocVapers. An e-Juice maker in the Rochester, NY area. From 2014-2017 they sold highly rated e-juices at budget prices. After the FDA stepped in to regulate the market RocVapers sold their business to another lab in the Rochester area. We created a great brand logo for them that was used on everything from packaging, clothing, and in their marketing.

  • We created all of their packaging in house including labels, shipping containers, and other mailings.
  • Created multiple different clothing items with the branding we created.
  • Created their full website with e-commerce. Before selling their brand the e-commerce platform we created for them was handling over $20,000/mo in e-liquid sales.
  • Social Media Marketing – We organically grew their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook following to tens of thousands of users interacting with the brand daily. This was a main influence in their popularity not just locally but as a top online retailer of e-liquid.