WordPress Like Locker Updated – Version 1.1

The latest version of WordPress Like Locker (v1.1) has been uploaded to CodeCanyon today and should be live in the next 48 hours. The update brings a ton of improvements to the table as well as some new features.

First off – TinyMCE button.

You can now simply wrap your post data with a button click or easy to use tags, you no longer have to go to HTML mode and manually insert a Like Locker container.

Also new – Manual URLs

You can now set the URL that gets ‘liked’ on Facebook to whatever you want. Facebook Fan Pages, Item Pages, homepages, etc. or you can specify ‘CURRENT’ and the current post / page permalink will be used. This was heavily requested!


The plugins documentation has been cleaned up and totaly re-written using “The Documenter” system. Much easier to understand and navigate!

Other than that a few bug fixes and CSS tweaks to speed things up.

You can buy WordPress Like Locker or download your FREE updates via CodeCanyon:


NOTE: If you already like the page and the like locker is still showing, we have fixed this bug with URL tracking and cookies! Simply click the X that appears when hovering over the like button and un-like the page, then you can re-like it to test the new fixes.

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