WordPress Like Locker Updated to v1.2

An updated version of WordPress like locker should be live soon. After the last version release I got a lot of bug feedback and have implementeing a lot of fixes and improvements:

  • The issue with the actual wp-likelocker bracket tags appearing around the content after likeing it has been fixed. They will no longer show in content at all.
  • The issue with wrong URLS being used for the CURRENT variable has been fixed. Now when you use CURRENT you will not get the http://CURRENT error when liking the page on Facebook.
  • Cookie tracking has been added! In edition to now tracking the URL of the liked page in the DB, cookies are now set to remember each post a user clicks like on. This also fixes the issue of post id’s changing when you modify or edit posts + pages.

Thanks for all the feedback!

Here is a demo:

[wp-like-locker]This content was locked inside the like locker![/wp-like-locker]


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  1. xetestem says:

    It says “In review Que” for the past week at least. Is that Code Canyon that is taking so long? I really want to try out the new cookie tracking system!

    • Tyler says: (Author)

      Nothing… Just forgot to update the item description on CC, the download has been live for a while now. All the packages come with version numbers ;)

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