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Facebook event.subscribe Callback Not Working – August 2012

Many customers are noticing issues with their Like button plugins that require callbacks such as like locker, traffic pop plugins, like to download, etc. For about 11 days the entire event.subscribe callback method was just not working at all. The official bug page for this issue: has been updated that the issue was fixed yesterday but most people were still reporting it not working.

While they managed to bring event.subscribe back online they broke something else in the process. There is a new bug page quickly growing on the dev site stating that the event.subscribe callback is only working when the href (like button url) is that of the domain the Like button is on –

This means for example if your site is the like button url would need to be of the same domain. It can be any sub page but the same domain. This is only a bug, and you should be able to return to using other URLs including Facebook Page URLs as soon as they have it patched. I am posting this information as the developer pages for Facebook, and Facebook.StackOverflow are all being very vague on information and a lot of people are wondering whats going on.

For now if you want your plugins to function as usual you can change some URLs around and things will work perfect. I have changed over most of the demo pages and everything is running fine. Once the bug status is updated to fix I will revert the URLs to the Tyler.TC Facebook Page to let everyone know if this pain in the ass bug is finally squashed.

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