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Hey Buyers, There’s A Storm Coming

While we love providing the speediest of support to our customers, there are some things we just cannot control. The weather being one of them. Sometime later today hurricane Sandy will be pushing into town, and we are directly in the path. We are not at risk of anything major, but power outages are always on the table. This is a heads up as we would like people to refrain from people flooding item comment pages with questions about support tickets. For the most part there should not be any disruption as there’s a plethora of shiny apple devices charging away in case the desktop goes down. All support tickets will get answered, just be extra patient over the next few days 😉

On another note I would like to thank the Envato community of buyers who put Tyler.Tc over 12,000 individual sales, and pushed us into the Envato Elite over this past summer. Your continued support of Tyler.Tc products drives more and more creation and inspires better levels of custom support. Also, there are some great new plugins and our first full-featured WP theme dropping soon.

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