WordPress Like Locker PRO

Tap into Facebook’s 620 million users with the WordPress Like Locker plugin. WP Like Locker will allow you to add thousands of fans to your WordPress site on Facebook with almost no work. More likes = more traffic = more money!

The first plugin of its kind it allows you to wrap your post content in a “Like Locker” that will require the user to like the post to view the content. Build a social media super presence over night by locking all, or just parts of your posts! Facebook is a proven traffic source and can create long term growth for your websites.

Now introducing Like Locker PRO! The Pro version of my Like Locker script comes with a ton of added features that make the original script ten fold more powerful.

So whats different between the Pro and Basic versions?

  • Advanced Shortcode - The Like Locker shortcode has been completly redesigned and recoded from the ground up making Like Locker fully customizable right on insert. You no longer have to configure global settings that will get used with each like locker. You can now customize each like lockers color theme, URL to ‘like’, and the message / HTML content that appears inside of your Like Locker.
  • Upgraded TinyMCE Plugin - The TinyMCE toolbar plugin that appears in your WordPress post / page editor has also been completely overhauled. You no longer need to edit the shortcode manually, or type any code at all to get your WordPress Like Locker running. Simply click the Like Locker icon, select your theme, url, and message, and click insert!
  • Multiple Lockers in One Post – Another highly advanced feature you cannot get with the basic plugin is the ability to insert an unlimited number of like lockers into a single post / page. For instance you can have one post with three different like lockers (all fully customized with different URLs, Themes, and Messages) that will unlock three different blocks of content within your post or page!
  • Advanced Cookie + IP Tracking – The cookie and IP tracking methods have been upgraded to take full advantage of Facebook’s edge.create callback method that allows Like Locker to enable / disable content based on URL hashes allowing you to use multiple lockers per page and ensure content remains locked / unlocked depending on like status!
  • Seven Different Color Themes – Along with all of the new features and improvements you get a fully redesigned like locker with CSS3 styling and seven different color themes to choose from: Blue, Silver, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Pink.

On top of all of these incrediable improvements you get everything that made the Basic version of WordPress Like Locker so popular:

  • Easy one click install! Just upload and activate and you are ready to roll!
  • Fully customizable CSS like locker.
  • No way to view content until the Like button is pressed.
  • Remembers users who have already clicked like.
  • Proven method to add Facebook Fans to your pages.
  • ‘Current’ URL switch allows you to use the current WordPress URL / Post URL / Page URL in your like locker instead of defining a static page.

WordPress Like Locker Pro is great for all kinds of different WordPress sites:

  • Download links / download sites
  • Wallpaper sites – Like to download etc.
  • Access to premium content / tutorials etc.
  • Audio downloads / Like to Play
  • Music Video sites / Tube Sites / Like to Play Video
  • Lock entire posts requiring users to like them before reading
  • The possibilities are endless!

Here are some examples of the new features! First up we have a Like Locker in the new grey theme:

Here is another like locker in the default blue theme with a custom message and url:

Here is a THIRD like locker in the same post!


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  1. Any way to like a fb page with this?

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