Facebook Send Button Pro for WordPress

Facebook Send Button Pro is a WordPress plugin that lets you harness the power of Facebook’s new social product: the ‘Send’ button, with an easy to use shortcode complete with its own TinyMCE toolbar button.


  • Install and use in just seconds! Facebook Send Button Pro is a zero config plugin. All you have to do is upload and activate and you are ready to roll.
  • This plugin also includes a TinyMCE plugin that allows you to one-click insert customiszed ‘Send’ buttons right from your post editor Toolbar in WordPress
  • Works wherever shortcodes work!
  • Works with Facebook’s different color themes!
  • Insert an unlimited number of share buttons on a single page!

Here is a live demo included examples of Facebooks color themes:

Button Example One - 

[ fb-send-pro url="http://tyler.tc/devpress/facebook-send-button-pro/" theme="light" ]

Button Example Two - 

[ fb-send-pro url="http://tyler.tc/devpress/facebook-send-button-pro/" theme="dark" ]

Both of those example are created in less than seconds using this one click plugin. Download it NOW from CodeCanyon! You get free updates adding new features and support + full instructions!

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  1. I am a newbie and considering buying your plugin, which seems pretty easy. My Q is: can you combine send and like buttons? Is that possible?

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