jQuery Facebook Traffic Pop Version 2.0 Is Coming

Facebook Traffic Pop continues to be a huge plugin on CodeCanyon. Over the last few months of building new plugins I created a list of great features to add to the next version of Facebook Traffic Pop. While minor updates were rolling out steady I decided to space this one out and make it a much larger upgrade with a handful of great new features, some of which are not even in the WordPress version yet as a treat for those who bought the script when it first came out :)

Here is a sneak preview of whats included in the new version:

  • Popup Delay – This one came highly requested! You can now set a delay before showing the popup to users giving them a little time (specified in seconds) to check the page out before Facebook Traffic Pop shows and locks the page down.
  • Advanced Close Features – The great advanced close features such as clicking outside the popup or using the escape key to close have been added as an optional close feature.
  • Use Current URL – Facebook Traffic Pop can now use the current URL as the URL to be liked on Facebook! That means if you call it site wide you can have each page URL locked.
  • Upgraded CSS – All of the CSS improvements from the 2.0 WordPress upgrade have been brought to the jQuery version making sure Facebook Traffic Pop looks better than ever.
  • Scroll With Page – Facebook Traffic Pop now stays right in the middle of the screen when users scroll around!
  • No Need To Edit – Now you do not need to place divs or any HTML in your page, just drop in the Facebook Traffic Pop function and you are ready to rock!
  • All New Documentation – FBTP now includes fully re-written documentation with updates for all the new features.
All of these great updates and more will be available this week on CodeCanyon. Don’t forget that if you already bought it’s a free upgrade!

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