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CodeCanyon – Social Image Hover for WordPress v3.1

Social Image Hover for WordPress has been pushed with a new update! Version 3.1 of the WordPress plugins adds another new button to include Tumblr support. If Tumblr is not up your ally there are also some other great benefits to v3.1 including a streamlined JS core, and better compression of the TC hover sprite image for social icons.

As always current buyers can download the update for free from their CodeCanyon dash.

The jQuery version will also be updated with Tumblr support in the coming days.

CodeCanyon – Widget Panel Pro for WordPress v1.0

Version 1.0 of Widget Panel Pro is live on CodeCanyon! Widget Panel Pro for WordPress takes widgets to an all new level allowing you to easily upload new widgets (two clicks) and use widgets as shortcodes in your posts, pages, custom post types, and themes. WPP also allows you to enable / disable only the widgets you want allowing you to keep your site clutter free in the WordPress admin screens.


  • WPP v1.0 includes 20 different handcrafted widgets with 140+ widget settings just for WPP. View all included widgets and their settings on this page.
  • Use any Widget Panel Pro widget as a shortcode in your pages, posts, custom post types, and even themes!
  • AJAX Widget Power Panel allows you to enable only the widgets you want keeping your admin panel clutter free.
  • Widget Panel Pro brings modular plugins to your WordPress admin! You can upload any WPP widget addon (free or premium) in two clicks right from your admin panel.
  • 5 second install.
  • Includes full documentation on how to install and use the widget panel and shortcode tool. Each widget comes wtih clear settings and labels making useage easy. The docs also include tips on working widgets into your theme via shortcode.
  • Free updates and support!

Included Widgets

For a list of widgets with all their settings click here.

  • Dribbble Stream Widget – Show a customizable widget of recent Dribbble shots complete with gallery support.
  • Facebook Comments Widget – Show a customizable Facebook Comments widget with mobile support.
  • Facebook Like Widget – Show a customizable Facebook Like widget with Send button support.
  • Facebook Likebox Widget – Show a customizable Facebook Like Box widget.
  • Facebook Subscribe Widget – Show a customizable Facebook Subscribe button widget.
  • Twitter Follow Widget – Show a customizable Twitter Tweet button with custom follow support.
  • Google+ Button Widget – Show a customizable Google Plus Button widget.
  • Like to Download Widget – Show a customizable Facebook ‘Like to Download’ widget.
  • LinkedIn Share Widget – Show a customizable LinkedIn Share button widget.
  • Nivo Slider Widget – Show a fully customizable, responsive Nivo Slider widget with tons of options and support for ALL slide animations and mobile devices.
  • Pinterest Pinit Widget – Show a customizable Pinterest Pin It button widget.
  • Pinterest Follow Widget – Show a customizable Pinterest follow button widget.
  • Google+ Content Locker Widget – Show a customizable Google Plus “content locker” widget. Users must click the Google+ button to unlock content.
  • Recent Comments Pro Widget – Show a customizable widget of your recent comments with advanced layout and display settings.
  • Recent Pins Widget – Show a customizable widget of your recent Pinterest Pin thumbnails complete with gallery support.
  • Recent Posts Pro Widget – Display recent posts with much more control including post thumbnails, post type and taxonomy support, offset control and more!
  • Recent Tweets Widget – Show a customizable widget of your recent Tweets with a follow button.
  • Twitter Tweet Widget – Show a customizable Twitter Tweet button with custom tweet support.
  • Video Player Widget – Enter any YouTube or Vimeo video URL to easily embed videos in your widget areas.
  • Vimeo Feed Widget – Show a customizable Vimeo Feed widget.

Compatible With All The Popular Browsers

  • Google Chrome – All Recent Releases
  • Firefox – All Recent Releases
  • Safari – All Recent Releaes
  • Opera – All Recent Releases
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Internet Explorer 9 & 10

Facebook Like to Watch For WordPress V1.0

Version 1.0 of Facebook Like to Watch for WordPress is now up for Download on CodeCanyon! Tap into Facebook’s 950 million+ users with Like to Watch for WordPress. Like To Watch allows you to quickly and easily set up videos on your site using the web’s most popular video services that users must Like and share on Facebook before they can be viewed. More Fans = More Traffic = More $$$$!

Demo VideoDemo Page

Like To Watch Features:

  • Lock any YouTube or Vimeo video behind a Like button, no way to play until Like is pressed!Even works with short video links!
  • A great way to increase your Facebook Fan count using your sites content!
  • Includes powerful tinyMCE toolbar plugin that allows you to generate Like to Watch shortcodeswithout typing a single line of code!
  • Also includes a template tag for advanced users to use in themes with dynamic content, enabling like to watch across your entire site quickly and easily!
  • Single Unlock feature allows you to choose if each video needs to be unlocked, of if the user can unlock all videos on your site after unlocking a single video.
  • Unlimited number of videos per page!
  • Includes 10 different overlay image effects with 2 color schemes!
  • Support for ALL Facebook API locales, just enter your country code and the Like button will be rendered in your locale!
  • Uses the new HTML5 version of the Facebook Like Button
  • Allows for both Dark and Light Facebook color schemes with default option to change the scheme site wide at your whim!
  • AJAX Settings / Admin Panel!
  • Proven to quickly increase your Facebook Fan Count and in turn your site’s traffic!
  • Includes full documentation and instructions!
  • Free updates!

Social Traffic Pop v2.0

The new 2.0 versions of Facebook Traffic Pop have been a real hit! They brought a ton of new functionality and some solid bug fixes to an already great platform making the original Facebook Traffic Pop even better. It’s time to bring all of those upgrades to Social Traffic Pop.

The new versions of Social Traffic Pop will be released later this month with all kinds of new features like page locking, popup centering, popup scrolling, popup dealys etc. as well as an all new Social Traffic Pop PRO for WordPress users that will give you control like never before. However, I will be keeping the details on the PRO version under wraps for now :D

Look for the updates to hit CodeCanyon later this month as free upgrades for current buyers as usual.

Facebook Traffic Pop PRO

I have gotten a ton of requests from the buyers of Facebook Taffic Pop for WordPress about adding advanced features into the script. I have taken manny of them into consideration and added in some great stuff I came up with a long the way that makes the script much easier to manage, and allows it to work with a wider array of WordPress sites that use a lot of Facebook / social plugins.

First off, and this was a big request, selective page use. Facebook Traffic Pop PRO allows you to enable / disable support for the homepage and also includes a new “Page Selector” feature. This allows you to enter the ID of any page, post, or other taxonomy into the select and then decide how the script should use those pages by either allow the popup to run only on those pages, or all pages on the site except for those selected pages. This granular control also works outside of the homepage settings.

Selective API loading allows you to enable / disable the Facebook SDK being loaded by Facebook Traffic Pop. This is great if your theme or some of the plugins you use do not correctly load the Facebook SDK which results in the library being loaded twice and causing issues on the site. Facebook Traffic Pop PRO allows you to work around these issues.

You can also specify ANY of Facebook’s Localization API’s independently of the locale you use for Facebook Traffic Pop. On top of all these great features I have also included my new TC Plugins Option Framework that brings a complete overhaul to the plugins admin GUI and ads AJAX support.

Installing the upgrade is literally drag and drop! Just make sure you are running the latest version of the plugin, and drop the upgrade files into the folder. As soon as the files are uploaded the PRO version is ready to rock, just go to the settings page like usual to take full advantage of the great new features!

Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress v1.6 Update

I have just uploaded the new 1.6 version of Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress. It should fix a lot of headaches and comes with one small new feature:

Traffic Pop not working on anything but home page – A lot of people who used highly customized URL structures for their sites reported the pop up would only show on the home page and no sub pages. The error was bad file URL’s causing 404 errors for the scripts needed to run Traffic Pop and has been updated to use WordPress’s built in blog_info functions to get the correct file URLs regardless of your URL rewrites.

“FacebookTrafficPop is not a function” Error – I have also done some reading and changed out the ‘$’ signs that I believe were causing a lot of people’s installs to halt because of the way WordPress handles the signs internally. jQuery noConflict has been added and should ensure smooth sailing from now on.

New Feature - Opacity. You can now set the background opacity from the settings page in your WordPress admin panel.

Get the latest version of Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress now!