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Hey Buyers, There’s A Storm Coming

While we love providing the speediest of support to our customers, there are some things we just cannot control. The weather being one of them. Sometime later today hurricane Sandy will be pushing into town, and we are directly in the path. We are not at risk of anything major, but power outages are always on the table. This is a heads up as we would like people to refrain from people flooding item comment pages with questions about support tickets. For the most part there should not be any disruption as there’s a plethora of shiny apple devices charging away in case the desktop goes down. All support tickets will get answered, just be extra patient over the next few days ;)

On another note I would like to thank the Envato community of buyers who put Tyler.Tc over 12,000 individual sales, and pushed us into the Envato Elite over this past summer. Your continued support of Tyler.Tc products drives more and more creation and inspires better levels of custom support. Also, there are some great new plugins and our first full-featured WP theme dropping soon.

Holiday Support – Heading South For The Winter

For those in need of email support, this is a quick notice about when support will be live again for all Envato items and plugins.

Between December 23rd and December 30th only basic email support will be available. Anything requiring debugging or an in-depth look will have to wait until then as I will have no way to do so. Anything else should be able to be taken care of! As always I stand behind my items and will continue to provide support for them, this is a simple notice that during the holiday week support will be limited and full support will continue after the 30th.

Take some time to relax this holiday, be safe, have fun,


jQuery Facebook Traffic Pop Version 2.0 Is Coming

Facebook Traffic Pop continues to be a huge plugin on CodeCanyon. Over the last few months of building new plugins I created a list of great features to add to the next version of Facebook Traffic Pop. While minor updates were rolling out steady I decided to space this one out and make it a much larger upgrade with a handful of great new features, some of which are not even in the WordPress version yet as a treat for those who bought the script when it first came out :)

Here is a sneak preview of whats included in the new version:

  • Popup Delay – This one came highly requested! You can now set a delay before showing the popup to users giving them a little time (specified in seconds) to check the page out before Facebook Traffic Pop shows and locks the page down.
  • Advanced Close Features – The great advanced close features such as clicking outside the popup or using the escape key to close have been added as an optional close feature.
  • Use Current URL – Facebook Traffic Pop can now use the current URL as the URL to be liked on Facebook! That means if you call it site wide you can have each page URL locked.
  • Upgraded CSS – All of the CSS improvements from the 2.0 WordPress upgrade have been brought to the jQuery version making sure Facebook Traffic Pop looks better than ever.
  • Scroll With Page – Facebook Traffic Pop now stays right in the middle of the screen when users scroll around!
  • No Need To Edit – Now you do not need to place divs or any HTML in your page, just drop in the Facebook Traffic Pop function and you are ready to rock!
  • All New Documentation – FBTP now includes fully re-written documentation with updates for all the new features.
All of these great updates and more will be available this week on CodeCanyon. Don’t forget that if you already bought it’s a free upgrade!

Featured Author on

This morning I got a nice email from the Envato team that starting tomorrow I will be a featured author on the homepage of, and also be featured around the other Envato Marketplaces and Blogs. Big thanks to everyone who has bought my items and helped Tyler.TC grow so quickly.

In a little under 5 months I made it into the top 15 sellers (of over 714 registered authors) and have done over 1,830 actual sales and recieved the Envato ‘Silver Paw’ for authors that have done between $10,000 and $50,000 in sales. My portfolio now stands at over 20 plugins and continues to grow every day, so far this has been a great start!

Whats next? Tyler.TC will be breaking into ThemeForest taking all of the great ideas that made my CodeCanyon plugins a hit to create premium WordPress themes, landing pages, and other templates.

Keep your eyes peeled for more great releases, and thanks again to everyone at Envato :)

How To Use The Google Web Font API With WordPress

The Google Web Fonts API allows you to quickly and easily use a database of open source fonts in your websites. These fonts work in pretty much all modern browsers and come in a wide variety of styles.

My latest WordPress plugin – Google Fonts PRO for WordPress gives you instant access to the 220 beautiful, open source fonts in Google’s API. Best of all, all it takes to use the fonts in your site is simple point and click the fonts you want to use in certain parts of your site!

Check out the demo video here:

Best of all this easy to use, powerful plugin is only $6 bucks! With your purchase you get access to free updates, support, and new fonts as Google makes them availbile in the API.

Download your copy NOW on CodeCanyon!

Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress v1.6 Update

I have just uploaded the new 1.6 version of Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress. It should fix a lot of headaches and comes with one small new feature:

Traffic Pop not working on anything but home page – A lot of people who used highly customized URL structures for their sites reported the pop up would only show on the home page and no sub pages. The error was bad file URL’s causing 404 errors for the scripts needed to run Traffic Pop and has been updated to use WordPress’s built in blog_info functions to get the correct file URLs regardless of your URL rewrites.

“FacebookTrafficPop is not a function” Error – I have also done some reading and changed out the ‘$’ signs that I believe were causing a lot of people’s installs to halt because of the way WordPress handles the signs internally. jQuery noConflict has been added and should ensure smooth sailing from now on.

New Feature - Opacity. You can now set the background opacity from the settings page in your WordPress admin panel.

Get the latest version of Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress now!

Facebook Send Button Pro for WordPress Updated

The Facebook Send Button Pro plugin for WordPress has been updated to version 1.0.2. This new update added a much requested feature ( should have been there from the start ) which is a template tag.

You can now place the send button anywhere in your theme files using a simple WordPress template tag that can also be customized just like the short code. So for example if you wanted to place a send button at the start of every post automatically you can just add the template tag to your single post theme file and it will automatically get the permalink and add a send button for Facebook where you put the tag :)

As always this is a FREE update to current owners of the plugin, if you do not currently have a copy you can get it now at CodeCanyon for just $4!

Get Version 1.0.2 Now

Facebook Traffic Pop v1.6 Update

I have uploaded an update for Facebook Traffic Pop to version 1.6. The new version speeds things up a bit in the background as far as inserting the like button and two new features have been added.

  1. 0 Timeout – You can now set the timeout option to zero to disable the countdown timer completely, requiring visitors to either click like or close (if close button is enabled.)
  2. Opacity – A smaller feature that was requested by a lot of buyers was the ability to change the background shadow opacity. You can now do this via a new ‘opacity’ option you can use setting the opacity to whatever you want.

As always you can get the number one Facebook Like script here on CodeCanyon – Updates are FREE to all previous buyers and for new buyers its only $4 bucks!

For owners of Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress, these updates will be making their way to the WordPress version as well.