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Holiday Support – Heading South For The Winter

For those in need of email support, this is a quick notice about when support will be live again for all Envato items and plugins.

Between December 23rd and December 30th only basic email support will be available. Anything requiring debugging or an in-depth look will have to wait until then as I will have no way to do so. Anything else should be able to be taken care of! As always I stand behind my items and will continue to provide support for them, this is a simple notice that during the holiday week support will be limited and full support will continue after the 30th.

Take some time to relax this holiday, be safe, have fun,


Social Traffic Pop v2.0

The new 2.0 versions of Facebook Traffic Pop have been a real hit! They brought a ton of new functionality and some solid bug fixes to an already great platform making the original Facebook Traffic Pop even better. It’s time to bring all of those upgrades to Social Traffic Pop.

The new versions of Social Traffic Pop will be released later this month with all kinds of new features like page locking, popup centering, popup scrolling, popup dealys etc. as well as an all new Social Traffic Pop PRO for WordPress users that will give you control like never before. However, I will be keeping the details on the PRO version under wraps for now :D

Look for the updates to hit CodeCanyon later this month as free upgrades for current buyers as usual.

jQuery Facebook Traffic Pop Version 2.0 Is Coming

Facebook Traffic Pop continues to be a huge plugin on CodeCanyon. Over the last few months of building new plugins I created a list of great features to add to the next version of Facebook Traffic Pop. While minor updates were rolling out steady I decided to space this one out and make it a much larger upgrade with a handful of great new features, some of which are not even in the WordPress version yet as a treat for those who bought the script when it first came out :)

Here is a sneak preview of whats included in the new version:

  • Popup Delay – This one came highly requested! You can now set a delay before showing the popup to users giving them a little time (specified in seconds) to check the page out before Facebook Traffic Pop shows and locks the page down.
  • Advanced Close Features – The great advanced close features such as clicking outside the popup or using the escape key to close have been added as an optional close feature.
  • Use Current URL – Facebook Traffic Pop can now use the current URL as the URL to be liked on Facebook! That means if you call it site wide you can have each page URL locked.
  • Upgraded CSS – All of the CSS improvements from the 2.0 WordPress upgrade have been brought to the jQuery version making sure Facebook Traffic Pop looks better than ever.
  • Scroll With Page – Facebook Traffic Pop now stays right in the middle of the screen when users scroll around!
  • No Need To Edit – Now you do not need to place divs or any HTML in your page, just drop in the Facebook Traffic Pop function and you are ready to rock!
  • All New Documentation – FBTP now includes fully re-written documentation with updates for all the new features.
All of these great updates and more will be available this week on CodeCanyon. Don’t forget that if you already bought it’s a free upgrade!

Use Facebook Like Locker on Any Website

Since I first came up with the Like Locker idea for WordPress, many buyers and webmasters have been emailing me asking for a non-WordPress solution. I have been working on a way to make this kind of idea work on any site and I have a great solution here for anybody who wants to lock ANY type of content behind a Facebook Like Button. Facebook Like Locker now allows you to use the same great idea I created for WordPress, on ANY website.

Facebook Like Locker is an ingenious system for generating TONS of social media traffic and Facebook Fans. has all the details and a live demo for you to check out as well.

Facebook Traffic Pop PRO

I have gotten a ton of requests from the buyers of Facebook Taffic Pop for WordPress about adding advanced features into the script. I have taken manny of them into consideration and added in some great stuff I came up with a long the way that makes the script much easier to manage, and allows it to work with a wider array of WordPress sites that use a lot of Facebook / social plugins.

First off, and this was a big request, selective page use. Facebook Traffic Pop PRO allows you to enable / disable support for the homepage and also includes a new “Page Selector” feature. This allows you to enter the ID of any page, post, or other taxonomy into the select and then decide how the script should use those pages by either allow the popup to run only on those pages, or all pages on the site except for those selected pages. This granular control also works outside of the homepage settings.

Selective API loading allows you to enable / disable the Facebook SDK being loaded by Facebook Traffic Pop. This is great if your theme or some of the plugins you use do not correctly load the Facebook SDK which results in the library being loaded twice and causing issues on the site. Facebook Traffic Pop PRO allows you to work around these issues.

You can also specify ANY of Facebook’s Localization API’s independently of the locale you use for Facebook Traffic Pop. On top of all these great features I have also included my new TC Plugins Option Framework that brings a complete overhaul to the plugins admin GUI and ads AJAX support.

Installing the upgrade is literally drag and drop! Just make sure you are running the latest version of the plugin, and drop the upgrade files into the folder. As soon as the files are uploaded the PRO version is ready to rock, just go to the settings page like usual to take full advantage of the great new features!

Featured Author on

This morning I got a nice email from the Envato team that starting tomorrow I will be a featured author on the homepage of, and also be featured around the other Envato Marketplaces and Blogs. Big thanks to everyone who has bought my items and helped Tyler.TC grow so quickly.

In a little under 5 months I made it into the top 15 sellers (of over 714 registered authors) and have done over 1,830 actual sales and recieved the Envato ‘Silver Paw’ for authors that have done between $10,000 and $50,000 in sales. My portfolio now stands at over 20 plugins and continues to grow every day, so far this has been a great start!

Whats next? Tyler.TC will be breaking into ThemeForest taking all of the great ideas that made my CodeCanyon plugins a hit to create premium WordPress themes, landing pages, and other templates.

Keep your eyes peeled for more great releases, and thanks again to everyone at Envato :)

Like Locker PRO Demo

A quick demo on how easy Like Locker Pro is, and how it can be easily customized.

Here is a grey like locker:

[wp-like-locker theme="grey" url="" message="This is a grey like locker!"]This content was in the grey locker![/wp-like-locker]


Now we will insert another locker with the default blue theme and a different url:

[wp-like-locker theme="blue" url="" message="Like This Post To Unlock This Content!"]This content was in the blue like locker![/wp-like-locker]

How to Add Google +1 Buttons to WordPress

Google’s new +1 button is a great way to allow 400 million plus Google account holders to share your content and boost your search rankings.

There are a number of ways you can add these buttons to your WordPress powered site but the easiest, most powerful way it with Google +1 for WordPress. This plugin gives you both WordPress shortcodes AND template tags with support for all 46 of Google’s localizations.

That means you can add a button wherever you like either with shortcodes, or you can add a Google +1 button to every post in WordPress by using the template tag.

Google Web Fonts a Top Seller

Just wanted to make a shout out for everyone who bought my plugins last week! Last Tuesday Google Web Fonts for WordPress was approved for sale and in just 4 days you guys put it in the top 10 weekly sellers at number 6, and the 15th most popular item on the whole Marketplace!

Facebook Traffic Pop, FBTP for WordPress, WordPress Like Locker, AND Facebook Send Pro were also all in the weekly top sellers list, and the top sellers list for plugins! Thank you for all of your buying support, I get a ton of emails every day from people saying what great marketing tools these plugins are and often times have great ideas. I like to hear the feedback as I am always improving the plugins and creating new ones so feel free to send your feedback via the contact form.

Keep your eyes out for the new Like Locker updates as well :D


Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress Version 2.0

I have just uploaded the new 2.0 version of Facebook Traffic Pop. All of the cookie issues have been fixed, opacity is fixed, jQuery noConflict is tweaked, and because it took a week, I added in two new features and a brand new admin panel.

  • The new admin panel is much cleaner, more powerful and easier to use.
  • You can now click outside the popup or use the escape key to close the popup.
  • Cookies are now rock solid, I tested it on a bunch of different setups and it is very stable.
  • New opengraph metatag generator for people to customize the Facebook Stream with
  • The CSS has been given an overhaul.

Its currently in 15th pos. in the review queue and because its the weekend it could take a little longer for CodeCanyon to approve it. If you want to download ahead of time send me your purchase code via email and I will send you the download directly!