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Adding A Search Form to WP_List_Table

The WP_List_Table class is very handy but it lacks a few features that many people want to include in their plugin pages: Search. This little snippet is based off the example plugin provided by WordPress. You will see many people in the forums ask why there is no example included with search and that’s becuase there is no one size fits all solution. I think I have a pretty good one that should help most people looking to add search to their table classes. This might not fit everyones needs, but if you used the WordPress example plugin as a basis for your table class it will drop right in.

Step One

The first step is to add the search form to the page your table is on. This is very simple. and WordPress will do most of the work for you. Wrap the generated form code in a form tag, add the page name in a hidden variable so that WordPress knows what page we are on, and your done.

Step Two

Step Two is where things get tricky. As usual you would call tabelclass->prepare_items() but we are going to hack this to allow for a search parameter. The first thing we want to do is check to see if a search term is set, then call our prepare with the search string.

Next, we can add a search variable to the prepare_items() method, and make a simple if statement to filter the data in the table by what the user searched for. First make sure you add the search term to the prepare_items() method: function prepare_items($search = NULL){

Then you can check if a search value is supplied, and return a mySQL search instead of the normal data set:

That’s all you really need to change for basic search. If you are having trouble adding a search box to WP_List_Table this should point you in the right direction. The best part is you can search all of your columns instead of just one, and you do not need to built out complete tables that become bulky and cumbersome. All you need is a few lines of code to add the form to your table pages.

Hey Buyers, There’s A Storm Coming

While we love providing the speediest of support to our customers, there are some things we just cannot control. The weather being one of them. Sometime later today hurricane Sandy will be pushing into town, and we are directly in the path. We are not at risk of anything major, but power outages are always on the table. This is a heads up as we would like people to refrain from people flooding item comment pages with questions about support tickets. For the most part there should not be any disruption as there’s a plethora of shiny apple devices charging away in case the desktop goes down. All support tickets will get answered, just be extra patient over the next few days ;)

On another note I would like to thank the Envato community of buyers who put Tyler.Tc over 12,000 individual sales, and pushed us into the Envato Elite over this past summer. Your continued support of Tyler.Tc products drives more and more creation and inspires better levels of custom support. Also, there are some great new plugins and our first full-featured WP theme dropping soon.

CodeCanyon – Facebook Traffic Pop v3.1

Facebook Traffic Pop has been updated to version 3.1. This includes all three versions of FB Traffic Pop including the jQuery version, WordPress Versions, and Pro Add-on. This update includes new CSS patches for the latest versions of Firefox and all new onClick support.

Onclick support (now in all three versions) allows you to specify any CSS class to use as an onClick launch for Facebook Traffic Pop.

As Always you can get the latest updates for free on CodeCanyon.

For details see the item page here.

CodeCanyon – Social Image Hover for WordPress v3.1

Social Image Hover for WordPress has been pushed with a new update! Version 3.1 of the WordPress plugins adds another new button to include Tumblr support. If Tumblr is not up your ally there are also some other great benefits to v3.1 including a streamlined JS core, and better compression of the TC hover sprite image for social icons.

As always current buyers can download the update for free from their CodeCanyon dash.

The jQuery version will also be updated with Tumblr support in the coming days.

CodeCanyon – Widget Panel Pro for WordPress v1.0

Version 1.0 of Widget Panel Pro is live on CodeCanyon! Widget Panel Pro for WordPress takes widgets to an all new level allowing you to easily upload new widgets (two clicks) and use widgets as shortcodes in your posts, pages, custom post types, and themes. WPP also allows you to enable / disable only the widgets you want allowing you to keep your site clutter free in the WordPress admin screens.


  • WPP v1.0 includes 20 different handcrafted widgets with 140+ widget settings just for WPP. View all included widgets and their settings on this page.
  • Use any Widget Panel Pro widget as a shortcode in your pages, posts, custom post types, and even themes!
  • AJAX Widget Power Panel allows you to enable only the widgets you want keeping your admin panel clutter free.
  • Widget Panel Pro brings modular plugins to your WordPress admin! You can upload any WPP widget addon (free or premium) in two clicks right from your admin panel.
  • 5 second install.
  • Includes full documentation on how to install and use the widget panel and shortcode tool. Each widget comes wtih clear settings and labels making useage easy. The docs also include tips on working widgets into your theme via shortcode.
  • Free updates and support!

Included Widgets

For a list of widgets with all their settings click here.

  • Dribbble Stream Widget – Show a customizable widget of recent Dribbble shots complete with gallery support.
  • Facebook Comments Widget – Show a customizable Facebook Comments widget with mobile support.
  • Facebook Like Widget – Show a customizable Facebook Like widget with Send button support.
  • Facebook Likebox Widget – Show a customizable Facebook Like Box widget.
  • Facebook Subscribe Widget – Show a customizable Facebook Subscribe button widget.
  • Twitter Follow Widget – Show a customizable Twitter Tweet button with custom follow support.
  • Google+ Button Widget – Show a customizable Google Plus Button widget.
  • Like to Download Widget – Show a customizable Facebook ‘Like to Download’ widget.
  • LinkedIn Share Widget – Show a customizable LinkedIn Share button widget.
  • Nivo Slider Widget – Show a fully customizable, responsive Nivo Slider widget with tons of options and support for ALL slide animations and mobile devices.
  • Pinterest Pinit Widget – Show a customizable Pinterest Pin It button widget.
  • Pinterest Follow Widget – Show a customizable Pinterest follow button widget.
  • Google+ Content Locker Widget – Show a customizable Google Plus “content locker” widget. Users must click the Google+ button to unlock content.
  • Recent Comments Pro Widget – Show a customizable widget of your recent comments with advanced layout and display settings.
  • Recent Pins Widget – Show a customizable widget of your recent Pinterest Pin thumbnails complete with gallery support.
  • Recent Posts Pro Widget – Display recent posts with much more control including post thumbnails, post type and taxonomy support, offset control and more!
  • Recent Tweets Widget – Show a customizable widget of your recent Tweets with a follow button.
  • Twitter Tweet Widget – Show a customizable Twitter Tweet button with custom tweet support.
  • Video Player Widget – Enter any YouTube or Vimeo video URL to easily embed videos in your widget areas.
  • Vimeo Feed Widget – Show a customizable Vimeo Feed widget.

Compatible With All The Popular Browsers

  • Google Chrome – All Recent Releases
  • Firefox – All Recent Releases
  • Safari – All Recent Releaes
  • Opera – All Recent Releases
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Internet Explorer 9 & 10

Facebook event.subscribe Callback Not Working – August 2012

Many customers are noticing issues with their Like button plugins that require callbacks such as like locker, traffic pop plugins, like to download, etc. For about 11 days the entire event.subscribe callback method was just not working at all. The official bug page for this issue: has been updated that the issue was fixed yesterday but most people were still reporting it not working.

While they managed to bring event.subscribe back online they broke something else in the process. There is a new bug page quickly growing on the dev site stating that the event.subscribe callback is only working when the href (like button url) is that of the domain the Like button is on -

This means for example if your site is the like button url would need to be of the same domain. It can be any sub page but the same domain. This is only a bug, and you should be able to return to using other URLs including Facebook Page URLs as soon as they have it patched. I am posting this information as the developer pages for Facebook, and Facebook.StackOverflow are all being very vague on information and a lot of people are wondering whats going on.

For now if you want your plugins to function as usual you can change some URLs around and things will work perfect. I have changed over most of the demo pages and everything is running fine. Once the bug status is updated to fix I will revert the URLs to the Tyler.TC Facebook Page to let everyone know if this pain in the ass bug is finally squashed.

How To Use Social Image Hover Site Wide

I get a lot of questions on it being possible to apply the effect site wide easily with Social Image Hover for WordPress. This is not as easy as you think, if you were to simply enable it on all images you would run into major issues with logo images, button images, and other images on your site that you would not want the effect applied to. And because every theme uses different CSS and DOM structure, there is no easy way even with jQuery.

In version 2.0 of Social Image Hover full site wide support has been added that lets you apply Social Image Hover to images automatically on your site. To do this we will be using the power of jQuery’s selectors. Keep in mind these features are for more advanced users who are familiar with using jQuery.

After you are running v2.0 you will have a new settings page called Site Wide. Enable site wide support and then select which buttons you want to appear in your hovers by checking the box for each button you want to appear. If you just upgraded you will notice 3 new buttons including a close button.


Next you will need to pick out your selector. This is going to be different for every single theme most likely, and your site may require a more advanced selector. The default is the selector I used for the WordPress twenty ten theme: “.post img” What this does is tell Social Image Hover to look inside all of our post content divs with the class “post” and all images inside those divs.

Other Selector Examples

  • “img.customClass” – This would look for all images with the class customClass and apply the effect.
  • “ img.alignleft” – This will look in post content divs for only image with the alignleft class to apply social hover to.

From there just enter your URLs, Tweet info, etc. and click save. Changes will take affect right away. Alignleft, alignright, and aligncenter are all supported by Social Image Hover and you can also use custom images and site wide images together without them effecting one another!

Facebook Like to Watch For WordPress V1.0

Version 1.0 of Facebook Like to Watch for WordPress is now up for Download on CodeCanyon! Tap into Facebook’s 950 million+ users with Like to Watch for WordPress. Like To Watch allows you to quickly and easily set up videos on your site using the web’s most popular video services that users must Like and share on Facebook before they can be viewed. More Fans = More Traffic = More $$$$!

Demo VideoDemo Page

Like To Watch Features:

  • Lock any YouTube or Vimeo video behind a Like button, no way to play until Like is pressed!Even works with short video links!
  • A great way to increase your Facebook Fan count using your sites content!
  • Includes powerful tinyMCE toolbar plugin that allows you to generate Like to Watch shortcodeswithout typing a single line of code!
  • Also includes a template tag for advanced users to use in themes with dynamic content, enabling like to watch across your entire site quickly and easily!
  • Single Unlock feature allows you to choose if each video needs to be unlocked, of if the user can unlock all videos on your site after unlocking a single video.
  • Unlimited number of videos per page!
  • Includes 10 different overlay image effects with 2 color schemes!
  • Support for ALL Facebook API locales, just enter your country code and the Like button will be rendered in your locale!
  • Uses the new HTML5 version of the Facebook Like Button
  • Allows for both Dark and Light Facebook color schemes with default option to change the scheme site wide at your whim!
  • AJAX Settings / Admin Panel!
  • Proven to quickly increase your Facebook Fan Count and in turn your site’s traffic!
  • Includes full documentation and instructions!
  • Free updates!

Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress v3.0

The latest version of Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress brings some great new features and improvements to the Facebook Traffic Pop platform.

The plugin now supports more customization allowing you to specify which Facebook color scheme to use with the Like Button, as well as support for the all new theme system. This allows you to download an install theme packs for Facebook Traffic Pop to change its appearance! The first pack available for the new theme system is the WhiteOut theme back that brings a totally new look to Facebook Traffic Pop and includes 5 different theme setups.

Traffic Pop for WordPress v3.0 also includes new tracking and detection for increased reliability, and streamlined code making it faster and more powerful than ever.

Download Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress v3.0 on CodeCanyon and get free updates and support!

Show Your Recent Pins in WordPress Sidebar

People are pinning more images an videos than ever before! You may be looking for a fast, easy, custom solution to showing your recent Pinterest pins in your WordPress side bar or widget areas. Recent Pins Widget for WordPress allows you to display up to 25 of your most recent pins and customize the widget to your needs to fit your sites look perfectly.

Check out this demo video for Recent Pins Widget for WordPress and see how you can be up and running in literally seconds!