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Use Facebook Like Locker on Any Website

Since I first came up with the Like Locker idea for WordPress, many buyers and webmasters have been emailing me asking for a non-WordPress solution. I have been working on a way to make this kind of idea work on any site and I have a great solution here for anybody who wants to lock ANY type of content behind a Facebook Like Button. Facebook Like Locker now allows you to use the same great idea I created for WordPress, on ANY website.

Facebook Like Locker is an ingenious system for generating TONS of social media traffic and Facebook Fans. has all the details and a live demo for you to check out as well.

Facebook Traffic Pop PRO

I have gotten a ton of requests from the buyers of Facebook Taffic Pop for WordPress about adding advanced features into the script. I have taken manny of them into consideration and added in some great stuff I came up with a long the way that makes the script much easier to manage, and allows it to work with a wider array of WordPress sites that use a lot of Facebook / social plugins.

First off, and this was a big request, selective page use. Facebook Traffic Pop PRO allows you to enable / disable support for the homepage and also includes a new “Page Selector” feature. This allows you to enter the ID of any page, post, or other taxonomy into the select and then decide how the script should use those pages by either allow the popup to run only on those pages, or all pages on the site except for those selected pages. This granular control also works outside of the homepage settings.

Selective API loading allows you to enable / disable the Facebook SDK being loaded by Facebook Traffic Pop. This is great if your theme or some of the plugins you use do not correctly load the Facebook SDK which results in the library being loaded twice and causing issues on the site. Facebook Traffic Pop PRO allows you to work around these issues.

You can also specify ANY of Facebook’s Localization API’s independently of the locale you use for Facebook Traffic Pop. On top of all these great features I have also included my new TC Plugins Option Framework that brings a complete overhaul to the plugins admin GUI and ads AJAX support.

Installing the upgrade is literally drag and drop! Just make sure you are running the latest version of the plugin, and drop the upgrade files into the folder. As soon as the files are uploaded the PRO version is ready to rock, just go to the settings page like usual to take full advantage of the great new features!