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Featured Author on

This morning I got a nice email from the Envato team that starting tomorrow I will be a featured author on the homepage of, and also be featured around the other Envato Marketplaces and Blogs. Big thanks to everyone who has bought my items and helped Tyler.TC grow so quickly.

In a little under 5 months I made it into the top 15 sellers (of over 714 registered authors) and have done over 1,830 actual sales and recieved the Envato ‘Silver Paw’ for authors that have done between $10,000 and $50,000 in sales. My portfolio now stands at over 20 plugins and continues to grow every day, so far this has been a great start!

Whats next? Tyler.TC will be breaking into ThemeForest taking all of the great ideas that made my CodeCanyon plugins a hit to create premium WordPress themes, landing pages, and other templates.

Keep your eyes peeled for more great releases, and thanks again to everyone at Envato :)