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WordPress Like Locker Updated to v1.2

An updated version of WordPress like locker should be live soon. After the last version release I got a lot of bug feedback and have implementeing a lot of fixes and improvements:

  • The issue with the actual wp-likelocker bracket tags appearing around the content after likeing it has been fixed. They will no longer show in content at all.
  • The issue with wrong URLS being used for the CURRENT variable has been fixed. Now when you use CURRENT you will not get the http://CURRENT error when liking the page on Facebook.
  • Cookie tracking has been added! In edition to now tracking the URL of the liked page in the DB, cookies are now set to remember each post a user clicks like on. This also fixes the issue of post id’s changing when you modify or edit posts + pages.

Thanks for all the feedback!

Here is a demo:

[wp-like-locker]This content was locked inside the like locker![/wp-like-locker]

WordPress Like Locker Updated – Version 1.1

The latest version of WordPress Like Locker (v1.1) has been uploaded to CodeCanyon today and should be live in the next 48 hours. The update brings a ton of improvements to the table as well as some new features.

First off – TinyMCE button.

You can now simply wrap your post data with a button click or easy to use tags, you no longer have to go to HTML mode and manually insert a Like Locker container.

Also new – Manual URLs

You can now set the URL that gets ‘liked’ on Facebook to whatever you want. Facebook Fan Pages, Item Pages, homepages, etc. or you can specify ‘CURRENT’ and the current post / page permalink will be used. This was heavily requested!


The plugins documentation has been cleaned up and totaly re-written using “The Documenter” system. Much easier to understand and navigate!

Other than that a few bug fixes and CSS tweaks to speed things up.

You can buy WordPress Like Locker or download your FREE updates via CodeCanyon:


NOTE: If you already like the page and the like locker is still showing, we have fixed this bug with URL tracking and cookies! Simply click the X that appears when hovering over the like button and un-like the page, then you can re-like it to test the new fixes.

Facebook Traffic Pop v1.6 Update

I have uploaded an update for Facebook Traffic Pop to version 1.6. The new version speeds things up a bit in the background as far as inserting the like button and two new features have been added.

  1. 0 Timeout – You can now set the timeout option to zero to disable the countdown timer completely, requiring visitors to either click like or close (if close button is enabled.)
  2. Opacity – A smaller feature that was requested by a lot of buyers was the ability to change the background shadow opacity. You can now do this via a new ‘opacity’ option you can use setting the opacity to whatever you want.

As always you can get the number one Facebook Like script here on CodeCanyon – Updates are FREE to all previous buyers and for new buyers its only $4 bucks!

For owners of Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress, these updates will be making their way to the WordPress version as well.

HTML5 Pop Up Contact Form With AJAX

I decided to get into the HTML5 category on CodeCanyon – Starting with a slick HTML5 contact form with AJAX form processing that you can “pop-in” using the thousands of possible jQuery selectors and click / load functions! All this pre-developed goodness is just $6 bucks for an instate download, support, and access to free future updates! Grab it here.

This form is extremely flexible! You can also supply your own form ‘method’ and ‘action’ variables as options to use the form (and AJAX ) with your own form processing scripts!

The form can also be triggered in pretty much any way you can think. You can fire it on click of any element you can specify via any number of jQuery’s selectors, or even on page load!

HTML5 Pop Up Contact Form With AJAX allows you to quickly and easily add a pop-in style contact form to your site. In just one line of code you can get a slick HTML5 fade in contact box with browser validation and AJAX !


  • Super lightweight – At only 2.1 Kbs this is the smallest form + modal combo around!
  • AJAX form submission.
  • Fully customizable via CSS .
  • Only one line of code needed to execute!
  • Full HTML5 browser form validation
  • Comes with easy to use PHP form processing script to send form straight to your email!


Dot Trails Pro – CodeCanyon New Plugin

My latest item is up for sale on the Envato Marketplace and its called jQuery Dot Trails Pro. You can get it right here via instant download for $5 and get access to free updates and templates!

Dot Trails Pro allows you to instantly make quality, modern text limits on any page of any site in just one line of code. The possibilities are endless for working this into any of your projects: Read More buttons on your WordPress themes, product reviews, user comments and ratings, shorten links with a display more info button… You can use this script in tons of different ways and its fully customizable!


  • Limit length of text in any page element and apply …
  • Toggle shortened text / full text
  • NO HTML editing required!
  • One line of code to use!
  • Use unlimited number of times on same page!
  • Works on any site – Great for WordPress ‘Read More’ buttons!
  • Comes with two animation styles: fade and slide
  • You can set elements to expand, or just return the text with no ‘more’ or ‘less’ buttons
  • ‘more’ and ‘less’ buttons can be changed as plugin options to whatever you want!
  • Easily integrates into any project: apps, themes, admin panels etc!