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How to Preview Email Templates on

I got some questions about the email template feature of and how users can preview their items.

To view how the selected email template for your item will look when the DMCA is sent, just go to the item’s settings page and click the “Email Preview” bar to view your email template as it would look if it was sent to the file host.

To get to an item’s settings page you can either:

  1. Click ‘Quick Edit’ (if enabled in your settings) next to the item name under your Mange Items page.
  2. The other way is to click your item to view it, then click the settings icon next to it’s name at the top of the page.

Note that when creating email templates you want to be as friendly as possible and include as much information as possible in your settings to identify you are the owner of said files.

Happy hunting ;)

- DMCASender is an online service that allows you to send DMCA notices to people pirating your files using just the URL!

Facebook Traffic Pop WordPress – v1.5

As usual whenever I update Facebook Traffic Pop I bring the core changes to the WordPress plugin. All the same features from the stand alone version have beeb brought to the plugin making it too version 1.5.

Look for it to pass through approval cues sometime over the weekend.

Facebook Traffic Pop Version 1.5

I have uploaded an update for Facebook Traffic Pop today. The new version is 1.5 and brings:

  • The script now takes advantage of Facebook’s FBML parser. This means that for some people who had issues of the popup working as it should but the Like button would not appear should be gone. Now the script will check itself at the end to parse all Facebook FBML and ensure the like button is loaded.
  • CSS fixes – Some people found that if they had high z-index values on their site certain parts of the popup would not show. I have taken this into consideration and tweaked the CSS to suite most people’s needs.
  • Documentation – fixed a few errors in the documentation and provided better sample / template code.

Look for the update to go live in the next few days, its currently number 13 in the approval cue. An update for the WordPress Plugin will be uploaded soon as well.

Download the latest version of Facebook Traffic Pop Here:

Top Authors February on

Just noticed I have made the top authors list on for the month of February.

Thats twice in 3 months, time to start working my way up the list. I have a host of Facebook and Twitter scripts on the way.

On another note, last moth I broke into the top 100 authors, and have since moved up to the 51st spot. My plan is to be top 10 by the end of the summer. Watch out :)

WordPress Like Locker Plugin – Like on Facebook Before Reading Post

Update: The latest version of the plugin is available here, keep in mind that when bought legally through CodeCanyon you get my support and free updates!

Tap into Facebook’s 620 million users with the WordPress Like Locker plugin. WP Like Locker will allow you to add thousands of fans to your WordPress site on Facebook with almost no work. More likes = more traffic = more money!

The first plugin of its kind Like Locker allows you to wrap your post content in a “Like Locker” that will require the user to like the post to view the content. Build a social media super presence over night by locking all, or just parts of your posts! Facebook is a proven traffic source and can create long term growth for your websites.

WordPress Like Locker Features:

  • No way to view content until the like button is pressed
  • Takes seconds to install, even less time to use
  • Remembers users who already clicked like by IP address
  • Fully customizable via CSS and admin settings page

“Syncapse marketing reports that each Facebook Fan you add is valued at $136! Think of the possibilities being to build an army of Fans on Facebook, and offer your users a free way to read premium content its genius!”

Check out a demo right here:

[wp-like-locker theme="blue" url="" message="Click the Like button to unlock this content!"]This content was inside the like locker! There is no way to read any content that is within the like locker until it is liked making sure that there are no workarounds for people trying to view your content without liking it first.[/wp-like-locker]